Susan Chong’s Kyani Testimony

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Susan Chong’s Kyani Testimony

susan chong headerAs a professional fitness instructor/trainer for 27 years and owning my own Fitness, Spa and Beauty centre in Malaysia from 1983 to 2010, I must admit I have been really blessed with an almost perfect & healthy body all my life … aches & pains, no serious illnesses, no operations, no medication, etc. etc. even at my golden age of 68 years young. The word ‘PAIN’ was never in my vocabulary.
Unfortunately, in 2013 I suffered a bad fall which collapsed my lumber L1 by 30 degrees and injured my L4 & L5. My spine surgeon recommended me to undergo a spinal cord operation but I decided to put it on hold. For over two years, I have been trying all sorts of remedies….pain killers, acupuncture, physio and chiro treatments, nutritional supplements, etc. Nothing could help alleviate my pain except for some temporary relief.

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In August 2015, I was introduced to Kyani Triangle of Health Superfoods. Since I have tried so many products that did not work, I thought I’d give myself a last go at this one.

I couldn’t believe it! After just two weeks, I was completely pain free and until today I am still puzzled how these amazing products healed me.


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