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Big News from Kyäni Caring Hands

At the Americas Convention Founder Rebecca Hansen announced a new donation program to help Kyäni Caring Hands support even more impoverished people across the globe. Effective immediately, AU$ 1 from each online purchase will be dedicated to Kyäni Caring Hands. This will not cost Distributors or Customers any additional money, but during the checkout process you will be given the opportunity to match that with a donation of your own.

To further simplify the process of donating to Kyäni Caring Hands, we have created a new public website through which anyone who desires to may contribute without being a Distributor or Customer. We invite you to share with everyone you know.

Thank you for helping us fulfill Kyäni’s mission to bring hope to those who need it most.



Are You Looking to Experience More Out Of Life?

susan chong headerThe Choice is Yours….to keep grinding away, living under the “mushroom” of “compfortability”, sick of being sick all the time, doing the same ole things expecting a different results, and one day “things” might get better, ( yeah right…pigs may fly too 🙂 )


listen to someone who was dealt a cruel blow & refused to “lay down”, took charge of her own health and today is living a life of good health & abundance again…

Introducing ….

A FREE WEBINAR with our Guest International Health, Fitness Specialist & Speaker

Susan Chong

and hear her REMARKABLE & Inspiring Recovery story!



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Join the Healthy Living Movement with Kyäni!

Healthy Living is a big part of who we are here at Kyäni. September 2018 was the launch of our #HealthyLivingMovement. We want you to join us as we take the journey toward Healthier Living!

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